How face2facebet works

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1. In face2facebet platform, you can only start a bet or challenge another user.

2. To start a bet, follow here To challenge a bet follow here

3. During starting of a bet, you are required to select your betting category (Football, BBNaija, Any Events, Singing, Dancing, Entertainment(Boxing, Wrestling, Tennis etc.)) from the home page.

4. On the next page, fill the required fields(Bet title, Participants, Country etc.) as stated on that page and click on continue button.

5. On the finalization page, Select the participant of your choice whom you want to be the winner of that event, enter the amount of your bet and click on finish button.

6. Once your bet has been started or initiated, It will be shown on our Games page so that another user can challenge you. And any user who want to challenge you, must have the same amount (The amount you entered during bet creation) in her wallet.

7. As that user is challenging you, she is automatically saying that "The other participant which you didn't select during your bet finalization must win" and "The participant which you selected during your bet finalization must lose".

8. So when that event finished, the admin of face2facebet will score the game. If you are the winner, you will be credited with the same amount you proposed during the starting of your bet, and the other user who loses will be debited the same amount.

Let’s assume that there is a program happening in DSTV/TV every day or every Sunday and that program looks similar to a competition between 2 persons or more.

So eventually, you enter into argument with your friend who is watching the program with you that "Mr. A or Group A" must win "Mr. B or Group B" in that program you people are watching.

That is when face2facebet comes into play, instead of wasting your time and energy arguing with that your friend, you guys can just login into face2facebet and use money to challenge yourselves.

Note: you entering into a bet with your brother or your friend offline by dropping the money on the table might be a waste of bet, because by the end of the program and you won, you might start pitying your brother and finally gave him his money.

But when you use online wallet like face2facebet to keep the betting money, your money remains there till you are ready to withdraw. And even if you are pitying him, there is no money at hand to give him. Be aware that this also goes to any event like Wrestling, Boxing or football etc. You can also bet on anything happening around the globe. Enjoy!.


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