Frequently asked question

How to register on face2facebet?
Visit the face2facebet website and click on “Account-Sign up” in the top menu bar, fill in the registration form and submit it by clicking on “Register”. N.B: Your personal details need to be correct.

Can I open more than one account in face2facebet?
Yes. But you can not use the same bank detail/username which you used in the previous account again.

How can i change my email or username in case i made a mistake?
Unfortunately no; at this time, you need to open a new account

How do i recover my forgotten login details?
Kindly click on Account on menu bar, click on sign in link. scroll down and click on forgot password front link and follow the steps.

Does it cost any money to register on face2facebet?
No. It’s completely free of charge.
How do i deposit money into my wallet?
1. Go to "My Account" section / look at the top right corner and click on the "Deposit"; 2. you will be redirected to our payment gateway; 3. Insert the card detail, Amount and click on "Next"; 4. Follow the instructions to complete the payment.

What is the minimum and the maximum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit amount is NGN 100. The maximum deposit amount is NGN 10,000.

What charges do i need to pay?
i. PAYMENT GATEWAY LITTLE FEE: Little charge might be deducted from your bank account by the payment gateway whenever you want to make a deposit into your E-wallet here.
ii. FACE2FACEBET LITTLE FEE: Whenever you win any bet, 10% of your winning amount goes to facetofacebet(i.e Winning price * 10 / 100).

What is a Gateway VAT(Value added tax)
This is a token charge, which is been taken from your bank account by the payment gateway( deposition of money.

How to place a bet?
You can either start a bet or challenge a bet.
If you want to start a bet, click here or click on Games link.
If you want to challenge someone who has started a bet, click here or click on Home link

Where can I see my bets?
Go to Your Account” section under MY GAMES.

Can I cancel a bet?
If you are the person that started a bet, you can cancel it if another user hasn't challenged you.
If you are the challenger, you can never cancel it.

I won a bet but i haven't been credited?
Note that every morning, face2facebet admin will do clearance. Meaning that face2facebet will cross check all the ongoing bets on the platform, for validity and for assigning of the winner.
If your bet is found valid and the time for the event has exhausted, the winner winner will be assigned.
If your bet is found invalid, the game will be marked draw and not one will be credited or debited.
Note that you can contact us if your bet is over in real-time and a winner hasn't been assigned to that your bet.

Color and meaning
What is the meaning of these colors am seeing in my bets?
On progress | Winer | Loser | Draw